New Contact Address’s

Our mailbox’s get full of a lot spam so we have now decided to change up our email address’s heres a simple and affective way to get in touch from now on.

Wanna join the team? send our recruitment team a email directly on::: [email protected] 

Have a complaint about music content, DJ’s, or even interference email us via: [email protected]

Our team will aim to respond to all emails within 24 hours.

We understand we have let a lot of listeners down recently after a of issues with our fm broadcasts, we are now hoping we have resolved the issues we had during the recent break we took. Now we look forward to providing the service you guys know and love so much from DistinctFM with a lot of plans in the pipeline and ideas waiting to put into action.

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Distinct FM app now available

We are happy to announce that the Distinct FM app is now available on both the play store (for android users) and the app store (for Apple iPhone/iPad users)

Get the IOS app now via



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Recent Skipping!!!

So we have suffered a little bit of skipping and random drop offs to silent recently this was due to our mobile network provider suffering high traffic in our transmission area, this has now been sorted and things are back to normal, But as you all know by know our tech & management team are on the case to resolve any issue we can solve our selfs. We have a few more presenters joining our dedicated and loyal team over the up and coming weeks which you won’t want to miss, We are still on the look out for new talent so if your interested send us a short demo to [email protected] and we will get back to you.

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Its 2014

So its 2014, a new year = a fresh start again, We have been running since 2011 and time has gone by so fast, Big up to all those who have done us bad last year or so and all those who will more then likely try and do us bad in the future you just make us a stronger and better station each time.

DistinctFM has a lot of plans for 2014 so keep it locked as we intend to be entertaining you all for many years to come.

We would like to thank all our LOYAL crew, from DJ’s, Presenters, MC’s and Technical team but most of all We want to thank our listeners as with out you all we would be wasting our time.

Keep it Locked – Keep it Distinct

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Help Children in need

Children in need

We at distinct are donating to children in need and would like our users to aswell, Any spare amount you have will help the charity out. We are using JUSTGIVING to take all donations so you can rest assured your money will reach them. Our management team have donated £500 on behalf of DistinctFM as a starting point.

Donate Now

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Distinct Adverts

We are constantly being asked to promote Business’s & Events how ever we refuse these type of adverts, This is purely out of choice as we do not operate for financial gain, Instead we choose to use the means around us to give a positive message out. This also means unlike some stations we do not have a huge operating budget how ever we do not care, We are here to provide a service of which does not exist by main stream stations. If there is a good cause you feel we should be advertising or an awareness campaign you wish us to run please contact us via our contact us page and our management team will look into it and if we find its for a good cause or a positive message we will run it absolutely free.

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Keeping it Distinct!!

DistinctFM is all about non stop uptempo club vibes no matter where you are or what your doing, were not your typical “pirate” radio station due to the fact we choose not to play a portion of “urban” music, Here at distinct you wont hear any dance-hall, reggae, roots, slow jams or even slow r&b. We take pride in being a “Distinct” station on the airwaves and across the internet. So if its uptempo vibes your looking for your at the correct place. With a wide selection of presenters from across the country we aim to give that all important listening pleasure.

We would like to thank all our current & future listeners for keeping it distinct.

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PODCASTS are back!!!!

We have started podcasting our shows again how ever this time with a twist and a change, in order to keep that high quality audio your all used to there recorded and saved in the aacV2 format, This means u will need to download them and use winamp, vnc player, windows media encoder or any other compatible player with the aac playback codec.

We also only keeps shows untill the next show, As hosting costs dont come cheap these days, let alone running a station so if theres a show u missed u have 7 days to download it before the file is overwritten again. Over the up and coming weeks you will notice alot of changes

This includes even more new talent joining the team & and alot of free give aways and much much more

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Distinct Listners MAP

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UK Garage track hits number 1 on uk charts

Naughty Boy – La La La ft. Sam Smith

As many of you know Distinct has been playing alot of uk garage for a while, and was shocked to see that a uk garage track has hit number 1 on the uk charts, Tho to our annoyance its being classified as “Dance” anyway we thought wed like to share this with you to enjoy aswell.

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